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Happy Easter_百度翻译 Happy Easter [词典] 复活节快乐;最后一次接触(电影名); [网络] 复活节; 欢乐复活节; 快乐复活节; [例句]'Happy Easter,' he yelled. “复活节快乐,”他大喊.

yelled : [j'ld]

简单解释: yell [jel] vi. 叫喊, 大叫, (齐声)呐喊欢呼 vt. 喊叫着说 n. 叫声, 喊声, 呐喊 常用词组:to yell at sb 复杂解释:yell / jel; jl/ v [I, Ipr, Ip] ~ (out) (at sb/sth); ~ (out) (in/with sth) utter a loud sharp cry or cries as of pain, excitement, etc 号叫

I have never learned as much maths in my life as I did last year.It was because of Ms. 20 Ms.Vacirca caught me and yelled across the 21 ,“Lauren,are you coming to extra


all these small boxes race 答:这可能出自寓言故事.race是动词,表示'奔跑'翻译 angry boys fought over a little round ball.Everyone yelled for them to stop but they kept


no pain,no gain是一句谚语,意思是“不劳无获”. 例句: 1、No Pain No Gain* Accept the Pain, Future will be Fruitful. 没有付出(痛苦),没有收获*接受这份痛苦,未来将会是果实累累. 2、While not excluding certain amount of drama, to


and的前后各是一句话yelled是yell的过去式yellvi. 大叫,叫喊n. 喊声,叫声vt. 喊叫着说His yell of anger could be heard in the next room.隔壁房间都听得见他生气的叫喊声.It helps if you can conquer your shynes

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