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success做名词时,既做可数名词也做不可数名词.当其作可数名词时,意思为成功,胜利,发财,成名.具体用法如下:success in sth/doing sth,have much(little etc.) success in sth ,the key to success ,meet with little success .做不可数名词时

successful [sk'sesful] a. 成功的 词形变化: 名词:successfulness 副词:successfully He is a successful character actor. 他是一个成功的性格演员. She made a successful debut. 她初次登台获得成功. He will be successful assuredly. 他一定会

V.succeed 一般使用succeed (in/to 名词)n.success 复数加es 短语可用:make a success ofadj.successful adv.successfully

success,名词 可数名词(成功的人或事); 不可数名词(成功) 如He is a great success as a writer Failure is the mother of success succeed,不及物动词 succeed in doing sth 如He succeeded in swimming across the river successful形容词 ,成功的 如 He is a successful writer.

success不可数名词,成功.特例:“一件成功的事”时可用“a success”(很多不可数名词都可以这样),但是没有“successes"的用法.successful形容词成功的.succeed动词成功(比如:我成功了)嗯,变形词只有这两种.清楚了吧?给分吧,嘿嘿

succeed in doing = be successful in doingsucce ss为不可数名词achieve success 有时也可以为可数名词,解释为成功的人或事的时候.他是一个成功的人he is a success.your party is a success

形容词 Someone who is successful achieves a high position in what they do, for example in business or politics. (人在商业、政治等方面) 成功的例:Women do not necessarily have to imitate men to be successful in business.女人无须非得效仿男人才能在商界成功.

success 是名词success of doing sth\sth.succeed是动词,succeed in doing sth.successful 形容词.用于名词前,successfully副词,用于动词后

success n.成功 Hard work leads to success./He is a success./The party is a big success.succeed v.成功 They succeeded in swimming across the river.successful adj.成功的 This is a successful meeting.successfully adv.成功地 Tom was operated successfully by the doctor.

success 名词 作成功的人或事时可数,单作成功不可数succeed 不及物动词 succeed in doing sth.successful 形容词 someone is successfulsuccessfully 副词 someone did sth successfully

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