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sports 英 [spts] 美 [sprts] n. 运动;运动会(sport的复数);(报纸)体育版面;突变;娱乐 adj. 运动的;适用于运动的 v. 娱乐;戏弄(sport的第三人称单数) 双语例句:You would also engage in sports together, and you would develop a camaraderie because you were expected then to be the fighting force for your city, your city-state.一起参加体育运动,培养友谊,因为他们将成为这座城市,这座城邦的,主要战斗力.

1、sports翻译:n.运动,名词sport的复数形式.adj.运动的,适合运动的 例句:1.I'm very keen on outdoor sports.我非常喜欢室外运动.2.Skating is one of my favorite sports.滑冰是我喜欢的运动之一.2、sports词汇搭配:sports car跑车 sports jacket运动夹克 sports day运动会 sports coat上衣外套 sports centre体育中心 extreme sports极限运动 sports shirt运动衫 field sports田赛


sports 英[sp:ts]美[sp:ts] adj.有关运动的 n.运动( sport的名词复数 ); 运动会; 突变; 娱乐 网络 体育新闻; 竞技体育; 体育委员


Sports A healthy body is necessary for a healthy mind. As is known, to have a sound mind, we must first have a sound body. This is of vital importance. Only by keeping ourselves healthy and strong can we feel energetic and vigorous in studying and

physical education简写为:P.E.祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:)

sports adj. 有关运动的; n. 运动( sport的名词复数 ); 运动会; 突变; 娱乐

sports ,读音:英 [spts] 美 [spts] n. 运动 adj. 运动的,适合运动的 词汇搭配:1、sports car 跑车2、sports day 运动会3、extreme sports 极限运动4、winter sports 冬季运动 相关例句:1、Sports never had a place in his life. 体育运动在

My favourite sports(我最喜欢的运动) My favourite sports is playing badminton.Because not only is it good for our health,but also we can commuicate with our friends by this sports.I fell in love with it since I was 10 years old ,and I play it twice a

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