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芋子同学,你真悲哀啊,还没做好吗? 材料免费送你一篇吧~ 苹果 I know something about apple.I like apple very much, because first it is very beautiful. It is red and round. You can not help eating it when you see it; second, it is very sweet. It is

How to keep healthy With the development of people's living standard, huge amounts of people have become to focus on balancing diet and keep fit. In my opinion, you can be a healthy person just follow the advices as below: Firstly, we need more

1.learning:a lifelong career 【学习:一生的事业(学习无止境,只有努力,努力,再 sports help everyone to keep healthy, happy, and efficient. so i pay special attention to

The Way To Keep Healthy Health has become a very important part of our life,and there are many ways to keep heathy. First,you can eat more fruit and vegetables,and you'd better drink more warn water.Next,you have to do lots of exercise.And

As we know, health is important to us. How should we keep healthy? First, we should have a good eating habit. We should eat more fruit and vegetables and less meat every day. We can't eat too much or too little. Drinking enough water is a good

We should do more exercise and sleep for 9hours everyday.However,We need have a healthy lifestyle and eat a balanced dietgo to bed earlyregularly diatdo some sports every day eat breakfastdrink more white water less sweet drinkkeep away from

Everyone has his favorite food.I think eating healthy food is important for you . healthiest in the world.So Chinese people can keep fit and have white teeth.祝开心!

以“The greatest hero in my heart"为题可以吗,写一篇短文,词数不少于60个:Suggested points:1 Who is the greatest hero in heart?2 Why do you take him or her as the greatest hero?3 What will you learn from him or her? Have you ever seen

<一>翻译:几句健康英语谚语 some english saying about healthy <二>下面是些关于健康的谚语,你自己选一些合适的吧.Happiness lies first of all in health. 幸福首先在于健康. 2. Cheerfulness is health; its opposite, melancholy, is disease. 欢乐就


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