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vt. 给予必要的支持, 鼓励.证实 在句中是证实的意思

reassessmentn.重新估价;复再确定重新评估;重新评定制;重新评税句筛选bai1.Perhaps a reassessment of that prospect will bolster equities thismonth?或许,对这种可能性的重新评估会在du本月提振股市?2.The Development of Brain Science and Reassessment of "SlowStudents"脑科学的zhi发展与“差生”的再评价dao

make your bed中文:铺好你的床. You make your bed in the morning? 你早上会铺床么? You make your bed, you sleep in it! 你自己的事,自己处理! Would youlike metomakeyourbednow? 你想要我现在给您整理床铺吗?

puma lifestyle彪马的生活方式例句:1.It is looking for acquisitions to bolster its fledgling lifestyle business, which includespuma sportswear and volcom, the sports and surfwear group. 巴黎春天还在寻求收购机会以增强自身新成立不久的生活方式业务部门,该部门包含运动服饰品牌彪马(puma)以及运动及滑雪设备品牌volcom.

currency swap line货币互换额度

Worked up: [ w:kt ] a. 神经紧张(兴奋,气愤)例句与用法: 1. The music worked up to a rousing finale. 该乐曲达到激动人心的高潮而结束. 2. I've worked up a thirst while playing tennis. 我打网球时,觉得口渴起来. 3. As the play worked up to

Some people seem to believe that the richer one is,the more he gets success. which enables them to bolster their family up till now.Besides,although both of them do not have

你好bolster 是支持,支撑,援助的意思help 是帮助,有助于的意思

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