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BE not的正确形式有哪些

be 一般现在时态 am not =>无缩写形式 is not => 缩写 isn't are not => 缩写aren't 过去时态 was not => 缩写 wasn't were not => 缩写weren't 完成时态 not been =>无缩写形式 说明:完成时态时使用have not been的形式,not在be动词前面.



is not = isn'tare not = aren'twas not = wasn'twere not = weren't

be是be动词,有is/am/are were/was,been等各种形式,需要根据具体情况来选择 满意请采纳,谢谢

had been on 因为发生在过去 又是在i got to the cinema之前 所以用过去完成时

isspelldon'tgoesis/will benamesto,seecan'tmehis

be的形式:am、is、are、was、were、been、being.一、be的读音:英[bi] 美[bi] 二、be的的释义 v. 是;有,存在;做,成为;发生; aux. 用来表示某人或某物即主语本身,用来表示某人或某物属于某一群体或有某种性质 三、be的的例句 A


be (be/is/are/am/was/were) [bi:] vi 现在时 I am, you are, he is, we are, you are, they are (缩略式 I'm, you're, he's, we're, you're, they're), (否定缩略式 I'm not, isn't, aren't), 过去时 I was, you were, he was, we were, you were, they were (过去时

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