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1、 We don't walk on the grass.2、 We don't pick flowers.3、We don't destroy our tables and chairs.4、We can't fight in the school.5、We can't throw things in the school.6、We can't speak other people swearword.7、We should comity in the

是拼错的一个单词.句子应该是:stop pacing the aisles and counting the miles.意思是劝人不要蹉跎岁月.

walk up and down 英[w:k p nd daun] 美[wk p nd dan] 来回走着 [例句]Walk up and down the hotel halls.在宾馆大厅里来回的走走.

store checkout商店结帐; 存储检查双语例句1In this column, I ll be using the fairly simple example of a grocery store checkoutarea with multiple aisles.在本专栏文章中,我将一直使用食品杂货店内具有多条通道的付款区域这个相当简单的示例.2

i think spring festival is the most unforgotten thing in winter holiday. far and away the most important holiday in china is spring festival, also known as the chinese new year. to the chinese people it is as important as christmas to people in the west.

vow renewal誓言更新双语对照例句:1.Norwegian also offers vow renewal packages and an "Engagement Aisles" program for the ultimate proposal at sea.

elements,复数,天气状况,尤指恶劣的天气.比如:battling the elements

在存储和存储在走廊过道 希望我的回答对您有所帮助,记得给我好评!~

laugh 大笑 smile 微笑抄zd giggle 咯咯地笑 grin 露齿笑 forced a smile 苦笑 sinister smile 奸笑 sneer 嘲笑讥笑,cackle 咯咯大笑,snicker暗笑偷笑

Supermarket is a place where you can buy all kinds of things.

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