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they are reading english on the newspaper

他们 [tā men] they 英 [e] 美 [e] pron. 他们;它们;她们 them 英 [em; m] 美 [m; m] pron. 他们;它们;她们 n. (Them)人名;(老)探

What's he doing now?祝楼主更上一层楼

你正在做什么 What are you doing now?

I'm reading a book. What is she doing? She is wiping a table. What are your parents doing? They're talking on the phones. What is Helen doing? She is doing homework. What else are you doing? We're watching TV. What is Gins doing? She is having supper.

Let's see what they are doing.


What were they used for ?

英文原文:They do not do morning exercises at home英式音标:[e] [du] [nt] [du] [mn] [ekssazz] [t; t] [hm] 美式音标:[e] [du] [nt] [du] [mrn] [kssazz] [t; t] [hom]

:It's seven o'clock Saturday evening. Now my family are all busy. Look, my mother is washing the dishes. My father is cleaning the room. My brother Tom is

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