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现在完成时态:I've traveled there for three times.The book has been sold out.The classroom has been cleaned.一般疑问句:Is he a doctor?Are you a actress?Do you like rose?肯定句:You are good girls.He is your teacher.Yes,it's right.否定句:It isn't right.I don't know.He isn't the person who we find.希望对你有帮助,^_^


完成时一般疑问句的构成:Have/Has/Had + 主语(you,he,she等)+ v.过去分词 + 宾语 + (某些用于完成时的副词)For example:Have you finished you homework yet?2.现

现在完成时的作用 是和一般过去时一样表过去 但强调过去对现在的影响 比如说问你 Do you want anything to eat?你想吃点什么吗?若回答 I ate.我吃了.就只能说你吃过东西,与问句不搭调.但如果用现在完成时回答:I've already eaten.我已经吃过了.意思就是我吃了,饱了,现在不想吃.过去完成时和现在完成时的作用一样 只不过是表示过去的过去 肯定句 根据主语 后面要加have/has 过去完成时加had 然后将动词改成完成时形式 不同的动词改的方法不一样,是要背的 疑问句 把have/has/had提到句首 动词保持不变 不用换成原型

1.The students have read about twenty English novels in the past three years. 2.I have my homework finished . 3.He has painted the front door green. 4.I've written an article. 5.It has been raining these days. 6.I have come from Shanghai.(从上海来

现在完成时结构:have+过去分词He has been to Beijing.这句话中be to表示 去过…… 的意思,所以have+过去分词,be→been现在完成时被动语态结构:have+been+过去分词而被动语态结构:be+过去分词 ,完成时中be 变成了

It is the first time that I have visited the city.I haven't received his letter for almost a month.I have worked here for many years.She was at home yesterday.I go to school every day

以我最近喜欢的一首歌的题目为例《the boy is mine》1.肯定句 the boy is mine.2.否定句 the boy is not yours.3.一般疑问句 do you think the boy is yours?4.特殊疑问句 who do you think the boy is?就这样了,要我现编我还真是茫然

现在完成时: 【一般疑问句】 Have you ever been to China? 你曾经来过中国吗? 【构成】 助动词 have/has+主语+动词的过去分词 【肯定句】 I have been to China. 我去过中国,表示去过已回来. He has gone to China. 他去中国了,表示去

they have been dead for two yearsdie是一个短暂动词.他们死了两年了:i am dying、过去式形式等等.如,只是它不能够和表示“一段时间”的状语连用.he died last year.他去年死的.英语中的动词通常都有现在分词形式.我要死了

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