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英语作文wechat is becoming more and more popular 微信越来越流行 in recent years,wechat is becoming increasingly popular.many people express themselves,exchange ideas and deliver information by wechat.there are a number of reasons for

In recent years,Wechat is becoming increasingly popular.Many people express themselves,exchange ideas and deliver information by Wechat. There are a number of reasons for Wechat to be known.To begin with,Wechat is a relative cheap way of

My view on Micro message Micro message has now become the contemporary economic tide, many people are using it to chat, make more friends, but we should choose the right attitude towards. In Micro message, unhealthy words, swearing

WeChat is an application that is almost the same as Whatsapp, but in WeChat, you can add people without even knowing their number. You can also add people from other countries.First, download the application in your mobile.Create an account

Micro letter is changing our life.Users can send voice, video, images and text through the mobile phone. users can search by shake, number, near scan qr code way to add friends and focus on the public platform, at the same time, the micro letter

More and more people are beginning to use Wechat and some have even become addicted to it.However,WeChat has both advantages and disadvantages.(总体介绍微信

Wechat is a new app that almost all the people use on their phone. you can video chat when every you want and it's for free. also you can talk through that app. it's very convience. You can sreach for people who live around you who are using the

1. The micro letter aims to promote communication and exchanges between people, become the one of the most popular mobile phone communication software2. You can also send voice, text information, expression, pictures, video3. Also can

In these years(in recent years),many people like to use micro letter,we usually call it “wechat”.We can share our messages,photos in the friends circle .However,there are more and more people are tricked into the friends circle,and it causes a lot

20 years, I will be a reporter. When I was very young, I have a dream that one daybecome a reporter, I think I will live in America, where work. As a reporter, in order to find a lot of good news, I would travel in different city every day. I will meet a lot of

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