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亲,我尽力了呵____With the development of modern technology, smartphones are popular with almost everyone around the world due to their excellent functions. Almost everyone has a smartphone when I am taking the bus or waiting in line, I

With the reputation of "flower city"and history of over 2200 years ,called the origin of “maritime silk road” of ancient China,Guang zhou has the population of 13 millions . It covers an area of 7,434.4 square kilometers and lies in the south of

非常地道的汉语.我只是就你的62616964757a686964616fe59b9ee7ad9431333264626563文章进行了语法和部分词法方面的修改.要实现地道的英语,还需要多多地努力.In the past, when a person said “I am poor”, he meant that he had


1. 我是认真的.I mean it. 2.真便宜.That's a steal. 3.我想喝点可乐.I am dying for coke. 4.大家都这么说.So they say. 5.轻声点/慢慢来/别着急Easy does it. 6.一言为定.It's a date. 7.我不懂.It's beyong me. 8.我很忙.My hands are tied. 9.试试你的运气.Try



比如可以用In my view/personally speaking来表达“依我之见” Nothing is more important than表达“没有什么比更重要了” There is no denying/doubt that“不可否认” It is universally acknowledged that“广为人知” be closely related to“与息息相关”

地道:idiomatic / excellent / pure /genuine讲一口地道的英语 speak idiomatic English 他干的活儿真地道. He does excellent work她的上海话说得真地道. She speaks pure Shanghai dialect地道的吉林人参 genuine Jilin ginseng

hard, challenging, painstaking都可以.

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