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动词不定式 7.1不定式作宾语 1)动词+不定式 afford aim appearagree arrangeaskbe decidebothercarechoose come dare demanddesiredetermine expectelectendeavorhopefail happen helphesitatelearn longmean manage offer ought

七年级英语上知识点 一1. want sth./to do sth. 想要某物/做某事 2. love to listen to …喜欢听…… 3.介词+V-ing : Thanks for ___ (come) to my party! Thank you for _____(help)

一.动词be(is,am,are)的用法我(I)用am, 你(you)用are,is跟着他(he),她(she) 注意:虽然汉语中使用“我”和“你”,但英语中打电话时绝不可以说:I am…, Are

其实七年级的也算是很基础的,小学时候基本都学过了,差不多像是复习和巩固吧,内容还是比较简单的,现在我总结一下大致内容吧:一、48个国际音标及26个英文字母的正确书写 要熟练掌握元音和辅音,5个元音字母(a, e, i, o, u),字母

[第一类] 名词类 [第二类] 动词类[第三类] 代词类[第四类] 介词类[第五类] 副词类[第六类] 连词类[第七类] 冠词类[第八类] 句法类

初一上册英语所有知识点及练习:【知识梳理】 I. 重点短语1. Sit down2. on duty3. in English4. have a seat5. at home6. look like7. look at8. have a look9. come on10. at work

want to do sth. 想要做某事 want sb. to do sth. 想要某人做某事 help sb. (to) do sth. 帮 (not)to do sth 让某人(不要)做某事was satisfied with 对满意try one's best to do sth

给你总结一下介词哈早、午、晚要用 in,at 黎明、午夜、点与分.年、月、年月、季节、周,阳光、灯、影、衣、帽 in.将来时态 in 以后,小处 at 大处 in.有形 with 无形 by,语言、单位、材料 in.特征、方面与方式,心情成语惯用 in.介词

我只有初一下学期的知识点 date of brith 出生日期;June is the sixth month of a year 六月十一年中的第六个月;Sunday is the first day of a week周日是一个周的第一天;What's the date today?今天是多少号?;What day is it today?今天星期几

一.短语 1.go on vacationgo to summer camp stay at home study for examsCentral Park show sth to sb .help him find his father walk back to… go shopping the Palace Museum think of have fun doing sth .bus trip the Great Wall Tian'an Men Square

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